This paper addresses an area which has been less a science than a practice for as long as man has been using wood. It has been thus with all human endeavor: in the absence of a reproducible standard, technology does not develop and even fundamental advances in the quality of an art or practice may go unrecognized. Further advances, agreement on methods of measurement and goals, none of these things happen where there are no reproducible standards.
     In 1972 Steve Smith invented the modern technology that restores deteriorated wood and the products that implement that technology. After twenty years of proven performance he conducted the scientific research that defined that science and set out an open standard for products that would do that. In 1998 he published that information in this paper. This activity is now commonplace, with a variety of products from different manufacturers sold over-the-counter and used both professionally and as well by amateurs. Yet, there are no agreements among manufacturers, users, property owners, architects or structural engineers as to exactly what is being done, or how, or with what result. The reason for this is that there has never been any such thing as a standard piece of rotten wood.

Until now.


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